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Genvizit Features


QR Code

QR Code System



NFC System



No Paper & Printed Cost

How it Works?



Select a subscription type and let us assist you in designing and customizing your card.



Submit your design preferences, upload your logo, and provide personal information.



Review the digital design proof, offer any feedback or suggestions.


Print and Ship

Once your approval is received, we will proceed with production, and shipping of your card.

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What does Genvizit provide?


Unlimited Sharing


You can list your products with links


Shared links are updated for life

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To strengthen and keep your business relationships current, choose Genvizit.

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Genvizit represents a novel and innovative approach to digitize your traditional business cards and adapt to the modern business landscape. In an ever-evolving business environment, carrying and updating your business cards has become easier and more efficient.

In today's world, digital transformation is a crucial criterion for organizations to make a mark on the international stage. With Genvizit, you too can make a name for yourself.

Sercan Kasım, Founder of Dijital Gen

Questions? We have the answer.

Genvizit is a modern Digital Business Card solution that allows you to create and share a digital representation of your professional profile. It’s designed to simplify networking and enhance your online presence.

Signing up for Genvizit is easy! Visit our website at and click on “Sign Up.” Follow the on-screen instructions to create your account.

Sharing your Genvizit card is easy. You can share it via email, social media, QR codes, or even using NFC technology. Simply select your preferred sharing method and follow the instructions.

Each Genvizit card is equipped with NFC (Near Field Communications) technology. To make it work, simply hold the Genvizit card close to your device for communication. When you do this, the device is prompted to ‘open this website,’ directing you to the person’s digital contact profile. Within this profile, you can effortlessly view and save all their contact details with just a click.

No! You just need a stable internet connection in order to view someone’s contact profile.

A digital business card, often referred to as an NFC business card or NFC smart card, is a modern take on traditional business cards. It incorporates an NFC (Near Field Communication) tag that enables smartphones, tablets, and PCs to seamlessly exchange information.

NFC, short for “Near Field Communication” in English, is a technology similar to Bluetooth. If you want to learn more about this tech, go ahead and find out more about this technology.

The possibilities are vast, but most utilize it to share digital contact details, social media links, websites, and product information. After purchase, you’ll receive an email to create your profile, where we can assist you in adding all this information seamlessly. Additionally, we offer customization services to tailor your card to your unique needs and preferences.

Our NFC business cards, powered by cutting-edge digital technology, prioritize both data security and environmental sustainability. Your profile information is safeguarded within our secure servers, ensuring the utmost protection of your data. Furthermore, you can confidently share your information without concerns about it being disseminated, as the details shared are typically akin to those found on traditional printed business cards. Our commitment to using eco-friendly materials adds to the durability of our cards, making them an environmentally responsible choice.

Yes, Genvizit operates on a subscription basis. When you purchase your Genvizit, the first year of platform usage is included. From the second year onwards, it’s just … annually, including taxes. You pay for the card only once, and this subscription ensures your digital web space stays active and updated with new features. It provides security and reliability for your data. You can conveniently renew with a credit card. Non-renewal temporarily deactivates the card until payment, but your data remains secure throughout.

A Digital Business Card, like Genvizit, embodies eco-friendliness by reducing paper waste and carrying a wealth of information about you and your business. The best part? You can update it in real-time to keep your contacts informed. Share it as often as you like without worrying about running out of physical cards. What’s even better—with Genvizit, your contact information won’t end up forgotten in a lead’s drawer or discarded in the trash. Once you share your card, all your details are conveniently saved to their mobile phone, ensuring easy access and seamless connections.

Let’s crunch the numbers. Imagine you’re an entrepreneur gearing up to print a fresh batch of premium paper business cards. Printing 100 of these cards typically costs about $25. You use them up within six months, prompting you to print another 100 (another $25 expense). At some point during the year, you might need to make corrections, updates, or design changes, leading to yet another printing expense. In total, you’re looking at an annual cost of $75 for paper business cards.

Now, consider Genvizit. With Genvizit, you pay just $29 annually and, in return, you unlock unlimited sharing capabilities and the flexibility to make real-time updates.

Most smartphones manufactured in the last 4-5 years come with NFC built-in, usually enabled by default. In the case of some older phones, you might need to activate NFC manually through the settings. For devices older than 9 years, you can still access profiles by scanning the QR code.

Rest assured, we take data security seriously. Your information is stored and protected to ensure your privacy and security.